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Fox Network Programming
Twentieth Century Fox Television
Ten Thirteen Productions
"The X Files," hour-long television drama airing Sundays at 9 p.m.
Eastern/Pacific (U.S.), 8 p.m. Central (U.S.).

It is shown in over 60 other countries around the world, including Canada
(Global Television anc CTV); the United Kingdom (BBC1, BBC2 and Sky One);
New Zealand (Channel 2); Australia (Fox Cable); Singapore; Portugal; Spain
(Tele 5); Germany; Poland (TVP2); Korea; The Netherlands; Norway; Sweden
(TV 4); Denmark; Finland; South Africa; France (M6); Malaysia; Italy; Hong
Kong (Star-Chinese and Star-World); Taiwan (CTS); Brazil (Rede Record);
Thailand; Switzerland; and Japan. It is also shown on cable services in
Latin America through Fox TV out of Mexico.

The show is in syndication on the cable channel FX. It runs in rotation at
8 p.m. ET and 11 p.m. ET Monday through Friday. It has also begun airing in
local independent syndication on the weekends. Contact your local stations
for information on the independent syndication in your town, or check out
the website at, where you have to enter three
passwords (trustno1, cigarette smoking man, and astadourian) to get to the
final screen showing which local station will be showing X Files, and at
what times.


This report is eyes-only with a level 2 clearance. The information is
updated monthly and is posted on or around the first day of the month to
Information contained is compiled and copyrighted 1994-97 as to form
and wording by Special Agent In Charge Pat Gonzales ( or, team leader for XF Case 11291093. Field agents may
download and redistribute the report in its entirety with the permission
notice intact, or with certain portions deleted with permission, but may
not partially or in whole be incorporated into a commercial document. Any
other use of this information is prohibited without permission from the
special agent in charge. This by no means is meant to infringe on any
copyrights held by Chris Carter, Ten Thirteen Productions, or 20th Century
Fox Television.
Deep background on agents Mulder and Scully was the determination of
the special agent in charge, and in no way is intended to be the definitive
interpretation of the events aired. Typographic errors are the sole
responsibility of the special agent in charge.

Production Notes
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Deep Background - Dana Scully
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Deep Background - Gillian Anderson
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_The X Files_ is a television series dealing with two FBI agents, Fox
Mulder and Dana Scully, in the Bureau's Violent Crimes section. They work
with the "X files," cases that have unexplainable elements and often
involve the paranormal.

/Production Notes/
The series was created by Chris Carter.
Executive producers for the show are Carter and R.W. Goodwin.
Co-executive producer is Frank Spotnitz. Producers are Paul Rabwin, Vince
Gilligan Joseph Patrick Finn and Kim Manners. Lori Jo Nemhauser and John
Shiban are co-producers.
The show is filmed almost entirely in Vancouver, British Columbia.
The show is broadcast in Dolby Surround Sound.
_The X Files_ is *not based on true events or real FBI X files.* The
episodes are fiction, the plots loosely based on news reports of
unexplained events around the world and other unexplained phenomena. The
pilot does open with a note saying that the events were based on an actual
real-life story, but was not meant to imply that there are real X Files.

If you wish to write in support of the show, the addresses are:

Chris Carter, Executive Producer, "The X Files," c/o Fox Broadcasting
Company, P.O. Box 900, Beverly Hills, CA 90213

Jonathan Littman, Director of Current Programming, Fox Broadcasting
Company, P.O. Box 900, Beverly Hills, CA 90213

Fan mail to David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson can be sent to: Studio
Fan Mail/(actor's name), 1122 South Robertson Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90035.

The Fox Network has an Internet address to which you can e-mail your
comment on the series. The address is: If you send
e-mail, indicate "X Files" in the subject line.
Chris Carter does not have an official e-mail address. Members of the X
Files production team do scan the various online groups. Their addresses
are not publicly available.

/Episode Titles - Air Dates/
A basic episode guide can be found at the official X Files website:
Tiny Dancer also has a complete episode guide, which contains the basic
information and a lot of interesting tidbits (like quotes and special bits
and pieces). You can find it at her website:

Individuals in North America with satellite dishes get the feeds for X
Files on Saturday at 11 a.m. ET on Telstar 4-05. The live broadcast feed
for X Files is sent on Telstar 4, transponder 2 or 23 (east feed) at 9 p.m.
ET, and Telstar 4, transponder 2 or 23 (west feed) at midnight ET (west

All estimated air dates ("e" after the date") are not confirmed and are
subject to change. New episode begin airing Sunday, Nov. 2, and are
scheduled to air through the beginning of December.

Season 1 History
Code Episode -- Air Dates (original * repeats)
---- ------- ---------
1X79 "The X-Files" (1.1) -- 9/10/93 * 1/17/94, 11/6/94
1X01 "Deep Throat" (1.2) -- 9/17/93 * 12/24/93, 6/24/94
1X02 "Squeeze" (1.3) -- 9/24/93 * 12/ 3/93, 6/10/94, 11/4/95
1X03 "Conduit" (1.4) -- 10/ 1/93 * 12/14/93, 5/27/94
1X04 "Jersey Devil" (1.5) -- 10/ 8/93 * 12/31/93, 7/22/94
1X05 "Shadows" (1.6) -- 10/22/93 * 3/ 4/94, 5/26/95
1X06 "Ghost in the Machine" (1.7) -- 10/29/93 * 1/14/94, 12/29/96
1X07 "Ice" (1.8) -- 11/ 5/93 * 1/17/94 (and 8/12/94 in some areas), 3/3/95
1X08 "Space" (1.9) -- 11/12/93 * 1/28/94, 8/22/94
1X09 "Fallen Angel" (1.10) -- 11/19/93 * 3/29/94, 11/13/94, 3/9/97
1X10 "Eve" (1.11) -- 12/10/93 * 3/11/94, 8/26/94
1X11 "Fire" (1.12) -- 12/17/93 * 3/25/94, 11/20/94
1X12 "Beyond the Sea" (1.13) -- 1/ 7/94 * 4/8/94, 12/22/95
1X13 "GenderBender" (1.14) -- 1/21/94 * 5/20/94, 7/21/95
1X14 "Lazarus" (1.15) -- 2/ 4/94 * 6/3/94, 9/2/94
1X15 "Young at Heart" (1.16) -- 2/11/94 * 6/17/94
1X16 "E.B.E." (1.17) -- 2/18/94 * 7/8/94, 11/25/94
1X17 "Miracle Man" (1.18) -- 3/18/94 * 7/1/94, 3/30/97
1X18 "Shapes" (1.19) -- 4/ 1/94 * 10/28/94, 8/4/95
1X19 "Darkness Falls" (1.20) -- 4/15/94 * 8/5/94, 12/2/94
1X20 "Tooms" (1.21) -- 4/22/94 * 7/15/94, 11/4/95
1X21 "Born Again" (1.22) -- 4/29/94 * 8/22/94, 4/5/96
1X22 "Roland" (1.23) -- 5/6/94 * 7/29/94, 12/29/95
1X23 "The Erlenmeyer Flask" (1.24) -- 5/13/94 * 9/9/94, 9/1/95

Season 2 Episode Titles
2X01 "Little Green Men" -- 9/16/94 * 12/23/94, 9/8/95
2X02 "The Host" -- 9/23/94 * 12/30/94, 1/19/96
2X03 "Blood" -- 9/30/94 * 1/20/95
2X04 "Sleepless" -- 10/7/94 * 3/10/95
2X05 "Duane Barry" -- 10/14/94 * 6/2/95
2X06 "Ascension" -- 10/21/94 * 6/9/95
2X07 "3" -- 11/4/94 * 6/16/95, 4/24/96
2X08 "One Breath" -- 11/11/94 * 6/23/95
2X09 "Firewalker" -- 11/18/94 * 3/24/95, 3/22/96
2X10 "Red Museum" -- 12/9/94 * 4/21/95
2X11 "Excelsis Dei" -- 12/16/94 * 4/7/95
2X12 "Aubrey" -- 1/6/95 * 6/30/95
2X13 "Irresistible" -- 1/13/94 * 7/7/95, 3/15/96
2X14 "Die Hand Die Verletzt" -- 1/27/95 * 7/14/95, 3/2/97
2X15 "Fresh Bones" -- 2/3/95 * 12/8/95
2X16 "Colony" -- 2/10/95 * 8/15/95
2X17 "End Game" -- 2/17/95 * 8/15/95
2X18 "Fearful Symmetry" -- 2/24/95 * 1/12/96
2X19 "Dod Kalm" -- 3/17/95 (Norwegian o-slash thru)
2X20 "Humbug" -- 3/31/95 * 10/28/95
2X21 "The Calusari" -- 4/14/95 * 7/28/95 (Romanian s)
2X22 "F. Emasculata" -- 4/28/95 * 8/11/95
2X23 "Soft Light" -- 5/5/95 * 8/25/95, 5/25/97
2X24 "Our Town" -- 5/12/95 * 5/31/96
2X25 "Anasazi" -- 5/19/95 * 9/15/95, 7/12/96

Also, "The Secrets of _The X Files_ ," a recap of players and situations
from first and second seasons, aired on 5/19/95, the hour before "Anasazi"
and was repeated on 9/4/95.

Season 3
3X01 "The Blessing Way" -- 9/22/95 * 7/19/96
3X02 "Paper Clip" -- 9/29/95 * 7/26/96
3X03 "D.P.O." -- 10/6/95 * 5/24/96, 6/29/97
3X04 "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose" -- 10/13/95 * 3/1/96, 6/14/96
3X05 "The List" -- 10/20/95 * 2/16/96
3X06 "2Shy" -- 11/3/95 * 6/7/96
3X07 "The Walk" -- 11/10/95 * 6/28/96
3X08 "Oubliette" -- 11/17/95 * 4/19/96
3X09 "Nisei" -- 11/24/95 * 8/9/96
3X10 "731" -- 12/1/95 * 8/16/96
3X11 "Revelations" -- 12/15/95 * 12/22/96
3X12 "War of the Coprophages" -- 1/5/96
3X13 "Syzygy" -- 1/26/96 * 8/10/97
3X14 "Grotesque" -- 2/2/96 * 6/21/96
3X15 "Piper Maru" -- 2/9/96 * 8/30/96
3X16 "Apocrypha" -- 2/16/96 * 9/6/96
3X17 "Pusher" -- 2/23/96 * 12/8/96
3X18 "Teso Dos Bichos" -- 3/8/96 * 7/5/96
3X19 "Hell Money -- 3/29/96 * 8/2/96
3X20 "Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space'" -- 4/12/96 * 1/19/97, 7/6/97
3X21 "Avatar" -- 4/26/96 * 9/13/96
3X22 "Quagmire" -- 5/3/96 * 8/23/96, 8/3/97
3X23 "Wetwired" -- 5/10/96 * 9/20/96
3X24 "Talitha Cumi" -- 5/17/96 * 9/27/96, 6/1/97

Also, "More Secrets of _The X Files_ ," a recap of players and situations
third seasons aired on 5/10/95, the hour before "Wetwired."

Season 4
4X01 "Herrenvolk" -- 10/4/96 * 6/8/97
4X02 "Unruhe" -- 10/27/96 * 4/6/97
4X03 "Home" -- 10/11/96
4X04 "Teliko" -- 10/18/96
4X05 "The Field Where I Died" -- 11/3/96 * 6/15/97
4X06 "Sanguinarium" -- 11/10/96
4X07 "Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man" -- 11/17/96
4X08 "Paper Hearts" -- 12/15/96
4X09 "Tunguska" -- 11/24/96 * 8/17/97
4X10 "Terma" -- 12/1/96 * 8/24/97
4X11 "El Mundo Gira" -- 1/12/97 * 7/27/97
4X12 "Kaddish" -- 2/16/97
4X13 "Never Again"-- 2/2/97 * 6/22/97
4X14 "Leonard Betts" -- 1/26/97 * 7/13/97
4X15 "Memento Mori" -- 2/9/97 * 7/14/97
4X16 "Unrequited" -- 2/23/97 * 7/20/97
4X17 "Tempus Fugit" -- 3/16/97 * 8/31/97
4X18 "Max" -- 3/23/97 * 9/7/97
4X19 "Synchrony" -- 4/13/97
4X20 "Small Potatoes" -- 4/20/97
4X21 "Zero Sum" -- 4/27/97
4X22 "Elegy" -- 5/4/97
4X23 "Demons" -- 5/11/97
4X24 "Gethsemane" -- 5/18/97

The show was pre-empted on 1/5/97 for an episode of "Millennium."

Season 5
5X01 "Unusual Suspects" -- 11/16/97e
5X02 "Redux" -- 11/2/97e
5X03 "Redux II" -- 11/9/97e
5X04 "Detour" -- 11/23/97
5X05 "Christmas Carol" -- 12/7/97
5X06 "Post-Modern Prometheus" -- 11/30/97

During its first season, _The X Files_ finished 102 out of 118 shows in the
Neilsen ratings with a 6.4 average . The show was recognized as one of the
best shows on the air by the Viewers for Quality Television. It also
garnered "Best Drama Series" honor at the Environmental Media Awards. The
show was nominated for two Emmys, Best Title Sequence (which it won) and
Best Music for a Title Sequence. The episode "Erlenmeyer Flask" was
nominated for an Edgar Award by the Mystery Writers of America for Best
Episode and the series as a whole for Best Television Series.

During its second season, _The X Files_ finished 64th out of 141 shows in
the Neilsen ratings with a 14.5 average. The show was chosen as Best
Television Show of 1994 by _Entertainment Weekly_ , and won a Golden Globe
for best television drama. _X Files_ cinematographer John Bartley was
nominated for an American Society of Cinematographers Outstanding
Achievement Award for the episode "Duane Barry."
Viewers for Quality Television nominated _The X Files_ as best drama,
and Duchovny and Anderson were nominated for best actor and actress,
The Television Critic's Association nominated the show for Best Drama.
The show garnered seven Emmy nominations -- outstanding drama series
(against Chicago Hope, ER, Law & Order, and NYPD Blue); outstanding
individual achievement in writing (drama) - Chris Carter, "Duane Barry;"
outstanding cinematography in a series - John Bartley, "One Breath;"
outstanding individual achievement in editing/single camera production -
James Coblenz, "Duane Barry," and Stephen Mark, "Sleepless;" outstanding
sound editing for a series -- the sound crew consisting of supervising
sound editor Thierry Couturier; dialogue editors Machiek Malish, Chris
Reeves, Marty Stein, and Jay Levine; sound effects editors Stuart Calderon,
Michael Kimball, David Van Slyke, Susan Welsh, Chris Fradkin, and Matt
West; music editor Jeff Charbonneau; and ADR editor Debby Ruby Winsberg,
for "Duane Barry;" and outstanding guest actress in a drama - CCH
Pounder/Agent Kazdin, "Duane Barry."

During its third season, the show has received two Golden Globe
nominations, for Duchovny as best actor in a drama and Anderson as best
actress in a drama. Both actors were also nominated by the Screen Actors
Guild for outstanding actor in a television series drama; Anderson won. The
Directors Guild of America has nominated Chris Carter for best director of
a television drama, for "The List." The Producers Guild of America has
nominated _The X Files_ for best television drama.Viewers for Quality
Television have nominated _The X Files_ for best television drama.
The show won 5 out of the 8 Emmys it was nominated for -- outstanding
guest actor in a drama - Peter Boyle (Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose);
outstanding individual achievement in writing (drama) - Darin Morgan (Clyde
Bruckman's Final Repose); outstanding achievement in cinematography - John
S. Bartley (Grotesque); outstanding achievement in sound editing (Nisei);
and outstanding sound mixing (Nisei). The other nominees were outstanding
drama series; outstanding lead actress in a drama - Gillian Anderson; and
outstanding achievement in art direction - Graeme Murray and Shirley Inget
(Jose Chung's From Outer Space);

The X Files' episode which aired after the1997 Super Bowl, "Leonard Betts,"
received the show's highest rating ever, at 6th. "Small Potatoes" reached
7th (the show's best showing that did not follow a "special event"), and
"Max" was 8th.
Gillian Anderson (best actress-drama, television), David Duchovny (best
actor-drama, television) and the show itself (best drama, television) were
nominated for and won Golden Globe awards. Anderson, Duchovny, the series
and the ensemble cast were nominated for Screen Actors Guild awards in the
television drama category; Anderson won for best actress in a television
drama. John S. Bartley was nominated for best cinematography for a
television drama for Grotesque by the American Society for
The show was awarded a Peabody for new and innovative television in
prime time.
Other award nominations were: from the TV Critics Association, for best
drama and Gillian Anderson for best actor; Viewers for Quality Television,
best quality drama, David Duchovny for best actor in a quality drama,
Gillian Anderson for best actress in a quality drama, and Mitch Pileggi for
best recurring player in a quality drama.
#The show was nominated for 12 Emmys (winning 3), the most in its
history: outstanding drama series, outstanding lead actor in a drama -
Duchovny; outstanding lead actress in a drama - Anderson [won Emmy];
outstanding art direction for a series (Graeme Murray, Production Designer;
Gary P. Allen, Art Director; Shirley Inget, Set Director) [won Emmy];
outstanding achievement in directing (drama) - James Wong (Musings of a
Cigarette Smoking Man); outstanding single-camera picture editing for a
series - Jim Gross (Terma), and Heather MacDougall (Tempus Fugit);
outstanding makeup for a series - for "Leonard Betts" (Laverne Basham,
Makeup Artist; Tony Lindala, Effects Makeup Artist); outstanding music
composition for a series - Mark Snow (Paper Hearts); outstanding sound
editing for a series - "Tempus Fugit" (Thierry J. Couturier, Supervising
Sound Editor, and staff) [won Emmy]; outstanding sound mixing for a series
- "Tempus Fugit" (Michael Williamson - Production Mixer; David West, Nello
Torri, Harry Andronis - Re-recording Mixers); and outstanding writing for a
series (drama) - John Shiban, Frank Spotnitz, Chris Carter, and Vince
Gilligan, "Memento Mori."#
X Files also won a Saturn Award for best television series, and Gillian
Anderson won for best actress; these awards are given by the Academy of
Science Fiction, Fantasy, and Horror Films.


The X-Files is a FOX show created by Chris Carter dealing with 2 FBI agents who work with the "X-Files," cases which could not be explained easily and often involve the paranormal. The show is filmed in Vancouver, BC. The show premiered on September 10, 1993. The X-Files is broadcast in North America, but can also be seen in Australia, Brazil, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, and the United Kingdom. All dates in this guide reflect only North American broadcasts.
During its first season, "The X Files" finished 102 out of 118 shows in the Neilsen ratings with a 6.4 average . The show was recognized as one of the best shows on the air by the Viewers for Quality Television. It also garnered "Best Drama Series" honor at the Environmental Media Awards. The show was nominated for two Emmys, Best Title Sequence (which it won) and Best Music for a Title Sequence. The episode "Erlenmeyer Flask" was nominated for an Edgar Award by the Mystery Writers of America for Best Episode and Television Series.
During its second season, "The X Files" finished 64th out of 141 shows in the Neilsen ratings with a 14.5 average. The show was chosen as Best Drama of 1994 by "Entertainment Weekly" , and won a Golden Globe for best television drama. "X Files" cinematographer John Bartley was nominated for an American Society of Cinematographers Outstanding Achievement Award for the episode "Duane Barry."
Viewers for Quality Television have nominated "The X Files" as best drama, and Duchovny and Anderson have been nominated for best actor and actress, respectively. These awards will be handed out on Sept. 23.
The Television Critic's Association nominated the show for Best Drama.
The show has garnered seven Emmy award nominations -- outstanding drama series (against Chicago Hope, ER, Law & Order, and NYPD Blue); outstanding individual achievement in writing (drama) - Chris Carter, "Duane Barry;" outstanding cinematography in a series - John Bartley, "One Breath;" outstanding individual achievement in editing/single camera production - James Coblenz, "Duane Barry," and Stephen Mark, "Sleepless;" outstanding sound editing for a series -- the sound crew consisting of supervising sound editor Thierry Couturier; dialogue editors Machiek Malish, Chris Reeves, Marty Stein, and Jay Levine; sound effects editors Stuart Calderon, Michael Kimball, David Van Slyke, Susan Welsh, Chris Fradkin, and Matt West; music editor Jeff Charbonneau; and ADR editor Debby Ruby Winsberg, for "Duane Barry;" and outstanding guest actress in a drama - CCH Pounder/Agent Kazdin, "Duane Barry." The Emmy awards ceremony will be held Sunday, Sept. 10, on Fox. Both Duchovny and Anderson will be presenters. []
X-Files Episode Survey
Gary Dontzig, a writer on "Murphy_Brown", says, "I have a theory that out of 25 episodes, if you do five that are spectacular, you're in the big leagues." That's a batting average of .200.
An online survey of favorite episodes for first season was conducted by Charles McGrew, He is currently tabulating the second season results.
The results for the first season episodes are below. How did your favorite episodes/writers rate?
Rating Scheme of 1 (Mediocre) to 4 (Spectacular): Total number of ballots received: 116
Episode Title -- Ave. Vote -- #of Votes/ "4" Votes
---------------- ------------ -----------------------
Erlenmeyer Flask -- 3.74 -- 102/78
Tooms -- 3.60 -- 93/62
Squeeze -- 3.56 -- 95/57
Beyond the Sea -- 3.52 -- 112/72
Ice -- 3.45 -- 108/60
E.B.E. -- 3.44 -- 90/54
Deep Throat -- 3.43 -- 89/48
Eve -- 3.36 -- 107/57
The X-Files -- 3.36 -- 94/39
Fallen Angel -- 3.27 -- ??/??
Fire -- 3.02 -- 111/25
Darkness Falls -- 3.01 -- 100/30
Conduit -- 2.99 -- 91/23
Gender Bender -- 2.91 -- 106/25
Roland -- 2.86 -- 100/19
Lazarus -- 2.74 -- 99/9
Shadows -- 2.74 -- 102/16
Young at Heart -- 2.64 -- 88/8
Miracle Man -- 2.58 -- 101/11
Born Again -- 2.53 -- 97/7
The Jersey Devil -- 94/8
Ghost in the Machine -- 1.99 -- 102/6
Space -- 1.72 -- 106/3
Total Show Average is 2.97

X- Files Timeline Background
Last Updated November 24, 2002
This document has been developed over countless hours and multiple viewings of X-Files episodes. It was begun around Christmas, 1996, at the request of a friend who needed a basic timeline for an X-Files fan fiction project. It was later expanded as part of my academic study of creativity in television and the dynamics of fandom. (I teach Electronic Media.) It is my belief that this site complies with the provisions of international copyright law. All images and text are the creation of the author. The episode summaries are considered to be within the provisions of fair use for purposes of review. Also note that this site is strictly noncommercial.
One of the reasons this site has become so popular is that during weeks in which there were new episodes of the X-Files, I was able to see an international satellite feed of the episode about 14 hours before the national FOX network broadcast in the U.S. As a result, new episode spoilers appeared at 9-10 am Eastern Time on the day of the national broadcast.
The Timeline has been available on the Internet since late June of 1997. On November 14, 1997, YAHOO added this Timeline to its featured sites on its X-Files page and mentioned the site in Yahoo Internet Life, greatly increasing traffic to the 200-600 per day range. Largely thanks to being listed by YAHOO, this Timeline passed the 10,000 "hit" mark on January 5, 1998.
On January 20, 1998, Suite 101, based in Vancouver BC (later absorbed by the now-defunct, named The X-Files Timeline as one of its top five X-Files sites on the web, sharing that honor with sites sich as Tiny Dancer's X-Files Episode Guide and the Gossamer Project fan fiction archives. Several additional WWW awards have been received -- to the point where we no longer have room to display them.
In August 2000, just before reaching 300,000 "hits" we introduced the current design of the site. The previous major redesign was in January, 1999 with an additional realignment in March, 2000. The 1998 version of the home page can be seen at click here. Before that, the design of the page was pretty primitive and we don't want to remember how it looked. :-)
On April 30, 2001, after five years on the servers of The University of South Dakota, this site was moved to a private domain. As the result of a job change, my affiliation with the university changed, making it seem wise to move these files to a domain where we have full control.
Assembling dates in the fashion needed for this Timeline is often problematical. I have virtually every X-Files episode on tape and often freeze-frame to inspect documents that may contain dates or other information. Closed captioning often provides spellings. The Official X-Files Site has also been used for spellings. All of the narrative information on the episodes is my own, with the exception of a few lines here and there suggested by readers.
I have attempted to differentiate confirmed dates and events with those that are speculative. In most cases, I include notes indicating my justification for giving the dates I do. Your mileage may certainly vary on interpretations because the series is often ambiguous about whether the scientific or the fantastic explanation is true. In addition, some entire episodes may be untrue (within the context of the X-Files universe) and not really part of the series continuity. For example, in Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man, are the events we see real? Are they the biased memories of the Smoking Man? Or are they based on Frohike's reading of a work of fiction?
Server statistics show that in August 2002 this site had 23,481 unique user sessions and 760013 total hits were made on the server with a total of 1013 hours of total viewing. 3.722 gigabytes of information was downloaded during the month.
(All references to "hits" below are based on the home page counter as opposed to actual server hits. Note that statistics taken directly from the server tend to show roughly two-and-a-half-times the number of user sessions as the current counter records.)
This site first appeared on the World Wide Web in June of 1997. It began attracting attention slowly, passing the 20,000 "hit" mark on March 17, 1998; 30,000 "hits" on May 21, 1998; and 35,000 "hits" on June 15, 1998. A burst of hits connected to the release of the X-Files theatrical film caused the Timeline to receive 5,000 hits in 14 days and reach the 40,000 mark on June 29th, the approximate one year anniversary of the premier of this Timeline on the WWW. 50,000 hits was passed on September 18, 1998; and 55,000 hits on my birthday, October 27. We reached 60,000 hits on November 15th, 1998; 70,000 hits on December 12; 80,000 on January 11; and 90,000 on February 5, 1999.
A major burst of interest surrounding the episodes Two Fathers and One Son led to reaching 95,000 hits just 4 days after the 90,000 mark was hit, on February 9, and 100,000 hits the following week, on February 14, 1999. We passed 130,000 hits on April 18th; 140,000 on May 3; and 150,000 hits on May 19, 1999. Things slow down when The X-Files is in reruns. Over the 1999 summer months we had 20,000 hits, passing 170,000 on November 4, a few days before the season premier. 190,000 hits was passed on November 28, the day before the broadcast of the final new episode of calendar year 1999.
We passed 200,000 hits on December 14, 1999, meaning we had 100,000 hits in ten months. 210,000 was passed on January 16, 2000; 220,000 on February 11; 230,000 on February 27; 240,000 on March 19, 2000; 250,000 on April 09; 260,000 on May 2 and 270,000 on May 20, 2000. A burst of interest surrounding the season finale added 10,000 in just over a week, with the site passing 280,000 on May 28. 290,000 hits was passed on July 11, 2000. We passed the big 300,000 mark on August 26; reached 310,000 on October 13; 320,000 on November 8; 330,000 on November 22; 340,000 on December 11; 350,000 on December 27; 360,000 on January 14; 370,000 on January 25; 380,000 on February 10; and 390,000 on February 22, 2001.
The big 400,000 hit mark was passed on March 5; 410,000 was passed on April 1; 420,000 on April 12; 430,000 on April 22; and 440,000 on April 29; and 460,000 on May 13; 480,000 on May 23; and 490,000 on June 6. We passed the big 500,000 mark on July 1, 2001; 510,000 on August 11; and 525,000 on October 18; 550,000 on November 19; and 560,000 on December 24, 2001. The site reached 570,000 on January 21; 580,000 on February 27; 590,000 on March 10; and 600,000 on March 24, 2002.
An unprecidented burst of over 40,000 hits on the day of the series finale (65,000 over two days) pushed the Timeline past 650,000 on the evening of May 19, 2002 (shortly after the east coast airing of the episode ended) and past 700,000 on May 21. We reached 715,000 on June 5; 730,000 on August 6; 740,000 on September 24; and 750,000 on November 24, 2002.

Fox Mulder
Agent Fox Mulder, an Oxford-trained psychologist with a photographic
memory, is one of the FBI Violent Crimes division's best agents, although
he is in disfavor with not only his superiors but also his colleagues
because of his interest in the Bureau's X files. He stumbled upon these
files, dealing with unexplained phenomena, during his first three years
with the Bureau, as a crack analyst in the Bureau's behavioral sciences
department. [Chris Carter, _Starlog #201_, April 1994]
His fascination with the paranormal stems from a childhood incident
-- his sister Samantha disappeared from their home in Chilmark, Mass.
(pop. 650) when he was 12 and she was 8. Mulder claims she was abducted
by aliens; during regressions he recalled hearing his sister's cries for
help, and a bright light which kept him paralyzed and told him that his
sister would be all right. [Conduit] This memory differs from a dream
Mulder experienced one night [Little Green Men]. Mulder has come in
contact with an alien hybrid who claimed to be Samantha and an alien
bounty hunter who told him that his sister was alive. He has vowed to
continue his search for her [Colony/End Game].
Mulder's early meteoric rise at the Bureau enabled him to make
high-placed friends in Congress -- one of them being SETI proponent and
influential senator Richard Matheson [Little Green Men]. These contacts
had kept him from retribution from higher-ups, although they assigned him
a partner, with the tacit idea of discrediting what he does so that he
can be dismissed. However, Mulder picked up a somewhat vacillating ally
in a mysterious covert individual known as Deep Throat. [Deep Throat,
Fallen Angel, Eve, Young at Heart, E.B.E., Erlenmeyer Flask].
Deep Throat was killed by an equally mysterious covert opponent (Crew
Cut Man) during an attempt to rescue Mulder. Mulder confirmed his burial
at Arlington "through eight-power binoculars from a thousand yards away."
[Little Green Men]. But he has acquired a second "deep information"
associate, someone who is referred to as X. [Sleepless] This mysterious
man has been less helpful to Mulder than his dead colleague. Mulder has
also been told by an unknown individual that he has "a friend in the FBI"
[The Host]. This friend may or may not be be Assistant Director Skinner
[One Breath].
At the end of Season 1, the X Files division was shut down and Mulder
was reassigned to wiretap surveillance [Little Green Men, The Host]. He
also reluctantly acquired a new partner, Special Agent Alex Krycek
[Sleepless, Duane Barry, Ascension], a younger agent who purported to be
a believer, not only in Mulder's ideas but in Mulder himself. Mulder's
days in this mind-numbing duty were numbered, however. Assistant Director
Skinner obliquely acknowledged that the X Files department served a
valuable purpose in dealing successfully with the Bureau's oddball cases
[The Host] and was bringing to light information that other covert
parties would prefer to keep buried [Ascension]. Following the
disappearance of Mulder's former partner Dana Scully, Skinner officially
reopened the X Files [Ascension].
At the end of Season 2, Mulder came into possession of a Defense
Department classified, Navajo-coded electronic document that purported to
be the records of events surrounding a covert government operation from
50 years ago. Opponents tried to discredit him by adulterating his
drinking water with a substance making him progressively violent. His
father, who was somehow connected to the operation, was murdered, with
Mulder as the prime suspect. Going into hiding with Scully, Mulder ended
up in New Mexico investigating evidence that proved the validity of the
secret document. He was found out by Cigarette Smoking Man, and his fate
is, at this time, unknown. [Anasazi]
Mulder is known around the Bureau by the nickname of "Spooky" [Pilot,
Young at Heart] both because of his uncanny ability to process
information and leap ahead to logical conclusions, and because of his
interest in paranormal phenomena. "He is considered a loose cannon, a
person who is maybe wasting time and money, and also his expertise, on an
area the Bureau thinks has very little value." [Carter, Starlog] Due to
an incident on one of his first Bureau assignments (a fellow agent was
killed) [Young at Heart], he eschews following investigations "by the
book," opting instead for his own instincts and methods. He keeps notes
for his field reports in a handwritten journal [Born Again]. His favorite
alias is George Hale [Little Green Men; Sleepless].
We believe Mulder doesn't "have a life," as we have seen nothing of
his off-duty activities. However, some of this may stem from a
relationship he had at Oxford ten years ago with a woman who is now with
Scotland Yard (Phoebe Green [Fire]). He apparently was in love with her
but she not with him. With the dissolution of the X Files division,
however, Mulder may have been trying to revive his social life; an
answering machine message berated him for missing a lunch date [Little
Green Men].
Mulder's birthdate is Oct. 11, 1960 [X Files Fan Club newsletter].
His parents appear to be separated. His father, Bill, worked in an
unknown capacity for the State Department, and was murdered by Krycek
before telling Mulder about secrets in his past.
He has a fear of fire [Fire], which may have been conquered during
his rescue of the children of British MP Sir Malcolm Marsden (who also
happened to be Phoebe's latest fling). He is also a fan of the National
Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). [Space] He has a habit of
unshelling shelled sunflower seeds (a habit he shares with his father
[Aubrey]), and making droll comments which X-Philes have come to note as
Mulder enjoys wearing moderately wild ties to work, and seems to be a
New York Knicks fan [Beyond the Sea, Little Green Men] as well as a
Washington Redskins fan [Irresistible]. He appears to have a fondness
for classic rock [minor references, Beyond the Sea, Gender Bender] and
classic science fiction movies [Tooms, Erlenmeyer Flask], and iced tea
seems to be his nonalcoholic beverage of choice [Tooms]. He also keeps
himself physically fit by running [Pilot, Deep Throat, Humbug] and
swimming [Duane Barry].
There are suggestions that Mulder has an interest in pornography --
in "Jersey Devil," we see Mulder looking at the centerfold of some "men's
magazine" talking about how the woman claims she was abducted by aliens;
in another episode Scully remarks that she hadn't seen Mulder that
excited since she caught him going through the Adult Video News; a third
episode mentions a subscription to Celebrity Skin, and he appears to be
viewing a porno video in a fourth [3]. As a psychologist, he favors using
hypnotic regression as a psychological healing tool, and hates the
unnecessary use of medication [Born Again].

Dana Scully
Dana Katherine Scully is a medical doctor with an undergraduate degree in
physics from the University of Maryland [Jersey Devil]. She was recruited
for the FBI right out of medical school, and had been teaching at the FBI
Academy in Quantico, Va. She was assigned by Section Chief Scott Blevins
to be Mulder's partner in order to keep an eye on him and determine
whether he is perhaps too obsessed with the X files.
Scully is skeptical of anything paranormal, believing that everything
has a logical, scientifically-quantified explanation. Though in most of
the cases she and Mulder have been on she has not witnessed any overt
paranormal activities, she has had brushes with unexplainable phenomena
that may have her start questioning her beliefs [Beyond the Sea; Lazarus;
Born Again; Erlenmeyer Flask; Fresh Bones; Colony; End Game; The
Calusari]. However, she is determined to uncover the science behind the
phenomena [End Game].
At the end of Season 1, the X Files division was shut down and Scully
was reassigned, returning to the FBI academy at Quantico, Va. to instruct
new agents on the basics of forensic medicine [Little Green Men].
However, Mulder called upon her expertise in violent crime cases to which
he had been assigned [The Host, Blood]. Scully was abducted by escaped
mental patient Duane Barry and disappeared [Ascension]. After a
three-month absence, she showed up at a Georgetown hospital in a coma
[One Breath]. She revived and recovered, and is back as Mulder's
partner.The missing memories during her disappearance may be surfacing,
however [Irresistible].
At the end of Season 2, Scully went into hiding with Mulder, missing
a scheduled meeting with Skinner and putting her career in jeopardy.
Scully, born Feb. 23, 1966, [Lazarus, One Breath] is a middle child;
she has one older and one younger brother [Born Again], and an older
sister, Melissa [One Breath]. Her father died early in 1994; they were
apparently close at one time (she called him Ahab; he called her
Starbuck), but her family disapproved of her joining the Bureau. [Beyond
the Sea] She had a yearlong relationship with an instructor at the
Academy, Jack Willis, with whom she shared the same birthdate. [Lazarus]
She is just as much a workaholic as Mulder, and is currently not seeing
anyone [Jersey Devil].
Scully drinks her coffee with cream, no sugar [E.B.E.]. She was
raised as a Catholic [Miracle Man]. She wears a necklace bearing a small
cross, which was left behind in the car in which she was abducted
[Ascension] and was returned to her by Mulder [One Breath].

FBI Superiors
[Season 1] Section Chief Scott Blevins (Charles Cioffi) is with the
Violent Crimes Section of the Bureau. [Pilot] Blevins assigned Scully to
be Mulder's partner, and her field reports were sent to his office.
[early episodes]

[Season 1]Section Chief Joseph McGrath (Frederick Coffin) is with the
Office of Professional Responsibility [Fallen Angel] and seemed
determined to have Mulder fired and the X Files shut down.

Walter S. Skinner
[Seasons 1 and 2] Assistant Director Walter S. Skinner (Mitch Pileggi) is
Mulder's and Scully's superior. He warned both Scully and Mulder that
their unorthodox methods of investiation may have dire consequences
[Tooms], and followed through by shutting down the X Files division at an
order from "the highest levels of government." [Erlenmeyer Flask] He has
since had second throughts and reopened the X Files [Ascension]. He has
also overtly showed his support for Mulder [One Breath; End Game], but is
trying (in vain) to keep Mulder from going over the edge [F.Emasculata;
Soft Light; Anasazi]. is keeping an FAQ on Assistant Director Skinner and his
real-life portrayer Pileggi.

"Deep Throat"
[Season 1] "Deep Throat" (Jerry Hardin) is a mysterious individual
believed to be some sort of higher-up government official. Mulder
contacted him via a blue light shining from his apartment window; DT
called Mulder and signaled him with a series of clicks [E.B.E.]. The
method of choosing a meeting place was not determined. He appears to have
been exterminated in the episode "The Erlenmeyer Flask."
Speculation on Deep Throat is contained in Internal Affairs X-File
Inquiry #875110-6249 [aka the Deep Throat FAQ, posted by Special Agent Jeff Gostin].

"Smoking Man"
[Season 1 and 2] "Cigarette Smoking Man" (William B. Davis) is another
mysterious individual who, like Deep Throat, appears to be a higher-up
government official with some power. Assistant Director Skinner seemed to
be deferring to his opinion early in our notice of him [Tooms] but
Skinner ordered him out of his office during a discussion with Mulder
after the agent had abandoned his assignment to investigate possible
alien contact in Puerto Rico [Little Green Men]. CSM apepars to be back
in power, however [F. Emasculata, Anasazi].
CSM has also kept a silent watch on the proceedings in Blevins's and
Skinner's offices and buried vital evidence in a secret Pentagon storage
room [Pilot, Erlenmeyer Flask]. He also used Special Agent Alex Krycek to
keep an eye on Mulder and any of Mulder's investigations [Sleepless,
Duane Barry, Ascension]. Mulder pulled a gun on him and threatened him
with death in his studio apartment (at 900 W. Georgia St.) [One Breath].
He seems to be an acquaintance of Mulder's father Bill [Anasazi].

"Lone Gunmen"
[Season 1 and 2] "Lone Gunmen" Byers (Bruce Harwood), Langly (Dean
Haglund), and Frohike (Tom Braidwood) are three of Mulder's sources who
work at "The Lone Gunman," a publication dealing with perceived
government conspiracies. Frohike has a crush on Scully [E.B.E., Little
Green Men, One Breath; Fearful Symmetry]. He seemed to have a role in
Mulder and Scully's assignment to a manhunt for escaped convicts [F.
Emasculata]. A fourth Lone Gunman, computer hacker The Thinker (Bernie
Coulson), has put Mulder and Scully in grave danger by obtaining a copy
of a classified government document [Anasazi].

Margaret Scully
[Season 1 and 2] Margaret Scully (Sheila Larken) is Dana Scully's mother
[Beyond the Sea, Ascension, One Breath]. She has had certain unexplained
perceptions about her daughter [Ascension], leading to indications that
Scully herself may be extranormally perceptive [Aubrey].

Alex Krycek
[Season 2] Special Agent Alex Krycek (Nicholas Lea) moved into the role
of Mulder's partner with the unexplained murders of former Vietnam
veterans [Sleepless]. We discovered, however, that Krycek had a hidden
agenda, as a lackey for Cigarette Smoking Man: keep an eye on Mulder and
keep him from finding out information that would bring certain covert
activities to light [Sleepless, Ascension]. With the disappearance of
Dana Scully and the reopening of the X Files, Krycek himself disappeared
[Ascension]. He reappeared, briefly, to murder Mulder's father and
attempt to kill Mulder himself, but was able to make his escape. [Anasazi]

"Mr. X"
[Season 2] "X" (Steven Williams), an acquaintance of Deep Throat, is even
more mysterious than his predecessor. X's information is even more
reluctantly shared. Mulder is able to contact X by taping an X to his
front window and shining a light through it [One Breath; Colony; End
Game]. X seems to be involved with a different covert group than
Cigarette Smoking Man's; he kidnapped a scientist with vitally powerful
information concerning an illicit experiment. [Soft Light.]

Chris Carter
Chris Carter, 37, began his career as a screenwriter in 1985 at The Walt
Disney Studios. Previously, Carter, who has a journalism degree from Cal
State - Long Beach, had been working as a freelance journalist, writing
and traveling extensively abroad. At Disney, Carter wrote and produced
several television movies in addition to the television pilot _Cameo by
Night_ for NBC and _The Nanny_, a sitcom for The Disney Channel. He took
a short leave of absence from Disney to co-produce the second season of
the comedy series _Rags to Riches_, starring Joe Bologna, and returned
in 1989 to create and executive produce "Brand New Life," a recurring
comedy series which ran as part of a rotating schedule on Disney's Sunday
night lineup. [Fox press packet for _X Files_]
Carter's favorite X Files episodes so far are: Beyond the Sea,
Colony/End Game, Duane Barry, Sleepless, and Fresh Bones. (AOL X Files
conference March 94).

David Duchovny
David Duchovny, 34, is probably best known for his memorable role as the
transvestite detective Dennis/Denise in the television series "Twin
Peaks." A native New Yorker, Duchovny graduated from Princeton University
and then earned a graduate degree in English literature at Yale
University, preparing for a career as a teacher. While at Yale, he began
commuting to New York to study acting as a background to screenwriting
and was soon appearing in off-Broadway plays. In 1987, in the midst of
his doctoral studies, he left Yale to pursue acting full time.
Duchovny (pronounced doo-kuv'-nee), 6'1" tall, was born August 7,
1960. His parents, Amran (a publicist for the American Jewish Committee)
and Margaret (an elementary school teacher) divorced when he was 11. He
has one brother, Daniel, and a sister, Laurie. He has a girlfriend,
actresss Perrey Reeves, and resides in Malibu, Calif. [Fox press packet
for _X Files_ and _People_ magazine, April 18, 1994 issue].
A FAQ on Duchovny is posted on the first of the month by Kellie
Matthews-Simmons ( and Sarah Stegall
There are various "hormone brigades" devoted to Duchovny. The David
Duchovny Estrogen Brigade (DDEB) mail list and its sister group the
DDEB-2 list are both full. You can still join the Duchovniks list by
sending the message "Subscribe duchovny-L
The DDEB home page is located at

New Years Day 1988
Working Girl 1988
Bad Influence 1988, 1989
"Twin Peaks" 1990
The Rapture 1991
Julia Has Two Lovers 1991
Don't Tell Mom the Babysitter's Dead 1991
Denial 1991
Venice/Venice 1992
Ruby 1992
"Red Shoe Diaries" 1992--present
Chaplin 1992
Beethoven 1992
"Baby Snatcher" 1992
Kalifornia 1993
"The X Files" 1993-present

Gillian Anderson
Gillian (pronounced jill'-ee-an) Anderson first gained recognition as an
actresss for her off-Broadway performance in Alan Ayckbourne's "Absent
Friends" at the Manhattan Theater Club, for which she won a Theatre World
Award. Her love of theater began in high school where she participated in
community theater. In college, Anderson studied with the National Theater
of Great Britain at Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y., and then at the
Goodman Theater School at Chicago's DePaul University, where she obtained
her BFA degree.
Anderson, 5' 2" tall, was born August 9, 1968 and lives in Los
Angeles. [Fox press packet for _X Files_] She is married to former _X
Files_ art director Clyde Klotz, and gave birth to a daughter, Piper, on
Sept. 25, 1994.
She is not related in any way to Jo Anderson who appeared as Diana in
the television show _Beauty and the Beast_. Nor is she the woman
salesperson that appears in the Saturn commercials.
A FAQ on Anderson has been put together by Alan Sawyer, You can read this FAQ on the following
home page:
There is also a GA mail list: Send e-mail to with the message "Subscribe ." If you
have problems subscribing, contact
The Gillian Anderson Testosterone Brigade home page is at

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